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Fat Kiwi Handmade Coils (2)


Brand Fat Kiwi

Made from premium European smelted, American milled Nichrome80 and Kanthal A1 wire. The Fat Kiwi brings you their handmade coils.

  • Single Coil Alien 4.5 wraps at 2.5mm - 0.2Ω (N80)
  • High Res Alien 5 wraps at 2.5mm - 0.15Ω (N80)
  • Low Res Alien 5 wraps at 3mm - 0.11Ω (N80)
  • Fralien 5 wrap at 3mm - 0.12Ω (N80)
  • Series Alien 7 wrap at 3mm - 0.3Ω (KA1/N80)

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