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Brand The Vape Shop NZ

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An all in one solution to clutter on your desk! Designed to keep your vape gear neatly stored while providing protection and convenient easy access. The MODPOD offers a series of four large holes and two smaller holes. The depth and size of these holes were given careful consideration before a final design was created. The large holes are 35 mm across and sized to accommodate large bottles of e-liquid as well as 26650 batteries and mods. The small holes are 24 mm across and will accommodate smaller bottles of liquid, 18650 and other similarly sized batteries and mods. The holes are all 22 mm deep which insures that your mods and bottles won’t tip over. Additionally a 29 mm by 48 mm rectangular recess offers storage for anything from a collection of drip tips to an rDNA complete with Shark Skin. Streamline your vaping experience!