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Brand Beantown Vapor

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The pros advised Beantown against offering two banana vapes. They made it, vaped it and loved stays! Pearana is the brainchild of vape star Ken Rivera from Vape Trading and Group Buys Facebook fame. He went to Beantown and asked them for a vapour liquid that could give the crisp brightness of fresh Bartlett pears and the smoothness of a ripe banana melded with their own silky cream base. Ken didn't want overly sweet, nor did he want any one of the feature flavours to overpower one another. Mission accomplished. This unique pairing (no pun intended) is carefully crafted, refreshing and delicious. Highly recommended. Please do however avoid plastic tanks with this blend.

Main Flavours: Bartlett Pear, Cream, Banana

Blend %: 33PG / 67VG

Bottle Sizes: 30ml

Bottle Type: Glass, Dropper Cap



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