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Brand Mad Murdock

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A genius creation by mad scientist Mad Murdock! Glowing green and full of wonderful notes. It's extremely complex with all ingredients being a closely guarded secret and after 3.5 years is yet to be cloned 1:1. It's one of the most potent flavoured juices on the market having enough flavouring that it can be cut with PG and/or VG up to 50% yet still manages to sustain great amounts of flavour. Half cut Pluid is commonly known as "reduced strength". So by adding unflavoured PG and/or VG you can decide the amount of flavour you want.

Main Flavours: Anise? Absinthe? Citrus Fruits? You Decide!

Bottle Size: 30ml

Nicotine Level: 20mg/ml

Notes: Pluid may cause plastic tanks to crack & etch. It should only be used in metal, borosilicate, or glass tanks and atomisers. Plastic and delrin drip tips may break over time with use of Pluid. It is recommended to clean them often.



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