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UD Builders Choice Wire Box


Brand Youde

The UD Builders Choice Wire Box is one of the most fully loaded wiring sets available today, catering to all builders with different types of heating elements and sizes. The possibilities are endless with 6 different types of wire for a huge array of coiling options in an efficient UD Box. It can be easily dispense from holes on the side of the box for convenient access and refills or replacements of the wire spools are a breeze. An essential tool for rebuilding, the UD Wire Box is highly recommended for day-to-day building and experimentation.

In the box
1x Spool of Kanthal A1 26G - 30ft/9.14m
1x Spool of Nichrome 26G - 30ft/9.14m
1x Spool of Ni200 26G - 30ft/9.14m
1x Spool of SS 316L 26G - 30ft/9.14m
1x Spool of Kanthal Twisted 28G*3 - 15ft/4.57m
1x Spool of Clapton 26G + 28G - 15ft/4.57m


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